Environmental consulting is a form of compliance consulting, in which we ensures that the client maintains an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations.

RED SEA CONSULTANCY is an independent company offering high quality professional services in the environmental sciences. Services are provided in the disciplines of environmental consulting, waste Consulting, field sampling and environmental testing, environmental compliance auditing. The last decade has seen unprecedented growth and development in the global economic activities. This has created many challenges for the human kind and the conservation of environmental and natural resources has become an issue of high priority.

Construction Environment Management Plan

Development of Construction Environment Management Plan, in line with EAD Guideline.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring for Air, Noise, Dust, Light & Vibration.

Environmental Action Plan

Development of Environmental Action Plan, in line with EAD Guideline.

Environmental Auditing

Environmental Compliance Auditing, inline with EAD Requirements for Developed Environmental Studies.

Environmental Permit Application

Development & Submission of Environmental Permit Application for new projects.

Environmental Studies 

Developing various Studies for Construction and industrial projects
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