Environmental Consultancy and Studies

As Red Sea Consultancy we are a dedicated team of experts specializing in providing comprehensive environmental solutions to businesses across various industries. With a deep understanding of environmental regulations, sustainability practices, and emerging trends, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complex landscape of environmental management. Our tailored services encompass environmental assessments, impact evaluations, compliance audits, and sustainable development strategies.

At RED SEA , we believe that a proactive and responsible approach to environmental stewardship not only protects our planet but also creates long-term value for our clients. Join us on this journey towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Our Consultants have extensive experience in developing Environmental Reports and conducting Environmental Compliance Audits.

And having good knowledge of Environmental Laws issued by EAD.

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Our Engineers are experts in developing Environmental Studies and Compliance Audits.

Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)

CEMP is a site-specific plan developed to ensure that appropriate environmental management practices are followed during the construction phase of a project.

The preparation and implementation of a CEMP help to ensure that construction development considers aspects of environmental protection and pollution control.

In accordance with the requirements outlined in Federal Law No. 24 of 1999 for the Protection and Development of the Environment and the Abu Dhabi Emirate

The intent of the CEMP is as follows:

  • Provide effective, site-specific, and implementable procedures and mitigation measures to monitor and control environmental impacts throughout the construction phase of the project
  • Ensure that construction activities do not adversely impact amenities, traffic, or the environment in the surrounding area

Preliminary Environmental Review (PER)

Federal Law No. 24 of 1999 for the Protection and Development of the Environment requires that the operation of various establishments does not directly or indirectly cause pollution of the land, water, or air.

As the competent authority for the implementation of Federal Law No. 24 within the Abu Dhabi Emirate, EAD may require a PER as a mechanism for predicting and evaluating potential environmental impacts resulting from industrial and development projects, and for proposing suitable mitigation measures and monitoring controls

Submission Process?

Upon submission of the PER, EAD will review the document to verify that the report meets the stipulated requirements.

EAD will provide a written response to the proponent, which may range from formal approval of the PER to rejection of the PER with a request for resubmission.

Environmental Action Plan (EAP)

(EAP) is a site-specific plan developed to ensure that appropriate corrective and preventive action measures are taken to resolve problems identified during internal and/or external inspections and audits?

A written EAP, with a description of the corrective actions, is developed to assist in site or project management implementation.

Applicability and Approach

An EAP will be required as directed by EAD to successfully resolve problem findings from an inspection or audit.

The facility or project should prepare the EAP according to accepted best practices in corrective action planning and implementation as is described in the following sections:

  • The Corrective Action Process and the EAP
  • Preparation and Submission of the EAP
  • EAP Follow-Up and Closure.

Environmental compliance audit (CEMP AUDIT)

Environmental Compliance Audit in line with EAD Technical Guideline and Points issued in NOC Permit by EAD

Report of Compliance Audit will be prepared in line with EAD TR523

Environment consultancy

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