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Coming up with a new LOOK

We at RED SEA are continuously seeking new ways to enhance our services in order to gain customer confidence. We want you to know that soon you will  see our logo with a different look, this update is a small reflection of our innovative thinking. We are excited about the new look and the new ways to serve our clients.

Rebranding Story….!


Before defining LOGO’s New LOOK, we wanted to observe  what are the market trends / Innovative designs. During this phase we took note of all the bits and pieces we had to work on and set the pace for our rebranding. Here’s how our roadmap looked like:

Step 1: We Collect feedback. How are we perceived externally and internally.
Step 2: We Worked on our values, mission and vision.
Step 3: Define on our tone, photography & illustration,
Step 4: Define logo colors and other graphical assets.
Step 5: Sprint and implementation on chalked out lines.
Step 6: Team feedback and adjustments.
Step 7: Launching of new LOOK!


Our branding contains 3 Letters that will appear in different forms. This will reinforce our Innovative Thinking. The Three letters (RSC) refer to the Organization name. Our main colours are blue-green-red,  colour that represents the “Quality-Environment-Health & Safety). A perfect match!

Our new visual look shows our transformation to adding new lines to our services, but our shared passion remain unchanged. We keep on striving for a positive impact on our market Position by combining our strong expertise and a high dose of motivation. Our mission: deliver innovative and responsive solutions based on a clear understanding of a client’s needs and objectives; a thorough analysis of technical, regulatory and community.


“Don’t just be like one of them; be one of a kind”

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