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Green Building/ Sustainability

At RED SEA, we have a strong sustainable program in place creating green design solutions thus entailing benefits on various fronts, including:

Environmental: Structures built on the sustainable design model place minimal impact on the environment. This is accomplished through the prudent use of resources and by deploying systems for recycling and renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind energy

Economic: Sustainability principles integrated early within the design, offer improved life cycle costs as compared to conventional buildings due to reduced maintenance and replacement. Additional cost savings are obtained through the use of recycling systems and renewable energy sources.

Social: The availability of improved air quality and natural light helps boost employee morale and productivity. Reduced strain on resources increases the availability of those resources within the

·         Feasibility Studies for “Green” certifications

·         Gap Analysis

·         Sustainable strategies

·         Energy Simulations

·         Energy efficiency

·         Water efficiency

·         Indoor Environmental Quality

·         Design Innovation

·         Registration of projects for LEED accreditation

·         Facilitating LEED accreditation


Estidama means ‘sustainability’ in Arabic and is the sustainability initiative of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The foundation for Estidama was created in 2007 in the form of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 which aimed to define how a contemporary, sustainable Arab Capital should look and how it could live. Since then two other significant areas have been applied in the form of Plan Al Ain 2030 and Plan Al Gharbia 2030.

ESTIDAMA establishes a clear vision for sustainability as the foundation of any new development. This commitment is a reflection of the values and ideals of an ever developing nation.

Estidama Mandatory Requirements

In May 2010, announcement was made of the Executive Council’s approval of the Pearl Rating System for Estidama.

RED SEA experience team provides a range of support services and studies to help developers, architects, planner and designers to achieve a targeted Pearl Rating under the Estidama Sustainable Buildings system (Governed by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council). Estidama promotes a new mindset for the construction industry with a view to establish a distinctive framework for measuring sustainability performance beyond the usual planning and construction phases. Estidama is a holistic framework to assure that sustainability is continually addressed through four key pillars:

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