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Anything (e.g. condition, situation, practice, behaviour) that has the potential to cause harm, including injury, disease, death, environmental, property and equipment damage. A hazard can be a thing or a situation. 

Hazard Identification:
This is the process of examining each work area and work task for the purpose of identifying all the hazards which are “inherent in the job”. Work areas include but are not limited to machine workshops, laboratories, office areas, agricultural and horticultural environments, stores and transport, maintenance and grounds, reprographics, and lecture theaters and teaching spaces. Tasks can include (but may not be limited to) using screen based equipment, audio and visual equipment, industrial equipment, hazardous substances and/or teaching/dealing with people, driving a vehicle, dealing with emergency situations, construction. This process is about finding what could cause harm in work task or area.
The likelihood, or possibility, that harm (injury, illness, death, damage etc) may occur from exposure to a hazard.
Risk Assessment: 

Is defined as the process of assessing the risks associated with each of the hazards identified so the nature of the risk can be understood. This includes the nature of the harm that may result from the hazard, the severity of that harm and the likelihood of this occurring.
Risk Control:
Taking actions to eliminate health and safety risks so far as is reasonably practicable. Where risks cannot be eliminated, then implementation of control measures is required, to minimise risks so far as is reasonably practicable. A hierarchy of controls has been developed and is described below to assist in selection of the most appropriate risk control measure/s.
Monitoring and Review:
This involves ongoing monitoring of the hazards identified, risks assessed and risk control processes and reviewing them to make sure they are working effectively.

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